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"It’s the show before SPN." I’m dying.

Anonymous: I really had some reservations but it looks like you were right. TO is not about the TO family but the Hayley diaries.


I really do not understand why people had so many hopes that this could have been any different.

It was obvious from the backdoor pilot. The backdoor pilot was the signature of the show. It was the episode that literally gave the first taste and said “hey this is what The Originals is all about” (and this is why I personally run away in the opposite direction lol) . Can we please rehash those facts?

  • The TO writers new from the summer after season 3 of TVD that TO was going to happen. What did they do? They killed one of the most favorable Originals. Kol. Can you please give more thought to this? They had EVERY CHANCE to make KOL a character in their show and the chose to kill him and to practically replace him with HAYLEY!
  • The TO writers presented the backdoor of the Originals where only three Originals remained and how much time did they give to the female Original that was supposed to be the lead of the show along with her brothers? Minimum to almost none. (Now how much time and attention did they give to HAYLEY?…she was the female character that had the more screen time in the backdoor pilot)
  • The TO writer CHOSE as the BASIC PLOT of their whole series a baby that simultaneously turned the whole premise into a PLOT HOLE. A baby that has as its mother who other than …HAYLEY
  • So that plot hole forced one of the most hated and rejected characters of TVD aka HAYLEY to become the MAJOR LEAD of the spin off where one fan favorite character was rejected and killed off by the TO writers (Kol), where the rest of the Originals were written off a long time ago by the writers (Mikael, Esther, Finn) and where the female Original got almost NO TIME in the backdoor pilot so Hayley could have more screen time and shine and have all the focus on her.
  • That plot hole basically was the way the writers found to introduce HAYLEY as member of THE ORIGINAL FAMILY. One that will be linked to them permanently.
  • That plot hole turned Klaus and Elijah into an OOC mess in order to make sure that HAYLEY would remain intact and her character would not be in any kind of jeopardy whatsoever when it comes to that show and her survival. Basically she is protected and she is the basis of the show.
  • You had Klaus crying on the roads in front of an unknown human and Elijah making speeches about family and about the baby and HAYLEY when only days ago his BROTHER KOL died and he made no reference or showed any sigh of distress.
  • You had Klaus and Elijah showing NO SUSPICION over the impossibility of that pregnancy and Klaus going on about an heir because HAYLEY had to become part of the Original family.
  • Basically nature’s loophole (plot holes FTW) was a way to say…welcome to the HAYLEY SHOW the end.

So please could someone explain to me HOW exactly everyone expected something else from that show? It was more than obvious that this show was practically written for Hayley’s character. The BASIC PLOT of the whole show was tied with HAYLEY’S WOMB.

People might not have liked it, people might not have wanted it but this was what was presented to them. You cannot expect to taste chocolate when the writers have shown you from the start that the plate is full with gooey shitty stuff that make you want to throw up. Even placebo has its limitations.

I have been seeing comments about how the baby would die or how Hayley would die. Newsflash. The baby might vanish for a while or grow up very fast in the future but Hayley is there to stay as AN ORIGINAL and that is that so she has to remain connected to the Originals family. She is one of them now and that means that the chain that keeps her and secures her as an Original (I might be throwing up in my mouth right now ) won’t sever so easily if AT ALL.

The basic plot is on her. Every character somehow connects with her. Every sup plot is connected with her and I have said that this was going to become worst…the writers were only buying their time and what happened?…I am seeing gifs over a werewolf princess lol. I have been saying back then that the writers were favoring Hayley’s character over Rebekah’s. That Hayley was the lead and Rebekah was the supportive (not to mention about the fact that PT can’t act and got the lead where CH that is more than decent in her acting got nothing to a show that was supposed to be about the Originals with her character actually being an established Original). No one believed me back then and I even got hate in my ask and now Claire Holt left the show and from the comments I have seen in my ask and my dashboard her character never got a plot in the episodes she was in. I have said back then that the characters were obviously OOC and people said to give time. Now? After all this time that you have had the pleasure of watching can you tell me that TO Klaus is the same with TVD Klaus? People were having hopes that the baby was fake or that it was going to die soon and I was saying that there would be a birth and major attention there and now they are keeping this for the grand finale right? I have also said from the backdoor pilot that they would sooner or later aim for a Klaus/Hayley/Elijah triangle. No one believed me then either and now I am seeing comments here and there and when you have the smoke soon you will also get the fire… trust me on this. This is the TVD writers we are talking about guys.

I am not clairvoyant or anything. Nor have I watched even an episode of TO aside the backdoor pilot. But I have seen MANY shows in my life so far and I am able to tell what is going with things like that and after 4 years of watching TVD I am familiar with Plec’s manipulations and tactics… ALL the signs were there from the backdoor pilot. It was obvious that this was going to be the Hayley show. It was obvious that it was more of a soap opera than a vampire show. It was obvious that there would be a certain lever of ridiculousness (Cry loud enough like Simba that you want to be King and the maybe you can apply for in TO too lol) and that the plots would be problematic since the whole show was originally based on PLOT HOLES and OOC reactions and things that made no sense or had any logic or consistency.

Now if you like Hayley’s character and if you do not care about what you have seen in TVD in the past and about plots in general then I guess it is okay. But for those that don’t like all that -and believe there are plenty out there- this is not easy. This show was supposed to be about the Originals and this is not what people signed for. No wonder the ratings are dropping. No wonder all independent from the production critics has nothing good to say for the show at the beginning and then completely ignored it. No wonder it is a failure in the social media. Because the writers used smoke and mirrors and parlor tricks in order to try to convince people to watch something than in reality was never about the Originals (not as they were introduced in TVD anyway) and now slowly the audience understands that their hopes and lenience has been for nothing because the show is about Hayley basically and she is not only there to stay as a lead but she is also what the show is all about.

And as I have said before this was what the show was all about ever since the backdoor pilot so no need for being so shocked and surprised now. This is what the writers offered from the first place. And this is what TO is all about.

don’t forget how they tricked us into believing that Caroline would become important in this spin-off, what with Klaus’ phone call at the end of the episode tease


"I wouldn’t lie to you to get what I want" - Hayley

- Is this not the girl who lied to an entire pack and pretended to be their friend and savior for months before leading them to their slaughter to get a useless disk about her parents? 


- The writers really have forgotten the Hayley from TVD haven’t they. Either that or they think their audience is made up of total idiots!


Elijah: ”Nobody hurts my family and lives.”


















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